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STUFFEZES,   an online shopping stop for                                                                                   antiques, collectibles, curios, and cool creations

“Whether it’s antique or vintage STUFFEZES or whether it’s modern or hand crafted STUFFEZES,  Whether  it’s STUFFEZES in silver or whether it’s STUFFFEZES in gold, whether it’s STUFFEZES can be made of wood, metal, leather & more;  can be for fun or for learning,  Whether it’s STUFFEZES that hangs on the body or whether it’s STUFFEZES that hangs on the wall.  And whether it’s his stuff or her stuff, its all stuff at STUFFEZES.”  


 Stuffezes,com  is a Blog & Catalog site for my vintage shop, Stuffezes. My name is Sabrina and I am the gofer, getter, and doer for STUFFEZES; or you could say, owner and only employee.

I strive to keep an eclectic inventory that includes antique, vintage, and modern items;  predominantly vintage though.  I am frequently adding new items to the inventory and they will be posted as well as added to the appropriate inventory page.


BLOG PAGES–    So this site has the shop catalog and my blogs.  My blog pages can be reached by clicking on “Blog” in the main menu at the top of the page. The button will take you to a page identifying and describing my various blog categories.  Just click on the category of interest to read more.  

STUFFEZES CATALOG .-  Accessed  through the main menu at top of the page.   This will take you to the Catalog. Again, you will find Stuffezes inventory categories, a description of  the category, and any cross refernces, sales, or promotions related to that category.  Agan click on the category of interest to view that inventory.  This is also where you can find links to my shop policies and procedures.

The viewer will (eventually) be able to view inventory by its use or by the primary medium of which they are constructed ( by dinnerware, toys & games or by ceramic, wood, metal, etc.

        -Listed Items   If an item is already listed a link will pop up when the cursor is over the items photo.  You can click on that link to go to view the listing or click on photo to see a larger photo. For a quicker look at what is already listed, visit the shop at: .

      -Unlisted but Obtainable Items    Most of the inventory is not yet listed on a purchase site but may be easily obtained via a short purchase request.  A purchase request will prioritize that items listing. Most requested items will be listed on a purchase site within 48 hours  (for more information see Making a Purchase Request).   However, some items may require research or dry cleaning before I can create an appropriate listing. Once a requested item has been listed, I will notify the requester of the items listing and provide a link to it.  

To view the unlisted inventory as a wholel,l be more efficient to view my  click here to view my Unlisted Inventory Pinterest  board.


  -Etsy    My vintage shop is on Etsy, so items which are craft supplies, handmade by me, and those which are vintage age or older are sold on Etsy.

-Ebay     Non-vintage items will almost always need to be requested for purchase because I do not keep listings on Ebay but do have an account and will be glad to list any of my non-vintage inventory there.


Questions, information about items, requests for more photos, and other comments are very much welcome.


If a you are local to the Austin, Texas area you can make arrangements to pay and pick up at an agreed upon location. These purchases need to meet four requirements: 1)purchase is not over $50;  2) must be paid in cash;  3) I can maneuver it and   4) it will fit in my vehicle. **Please bring exact amount because I may not be able to make change.  If purchase is more than $50 or if you cannot pay cash, you can pay through Etsy excluding the shipping charge and then arrange a pick up.  To do this you will need to contact me prior to paying so that I can remove the shipping charge.

**Some meeting locations may require a small trip charge.  Pick up arrangements should be made at least three days before desired pick up date.  Items purchased this way will need to be paid and picked up within one week after agreement is made.  Item will be available to said person for 10 days.  Payments made after seventh day but before the tenth day will require and additional 5% late payment fee.  If arrangements to pick up are not made within the seven days, the item will be considered abandoned and put back into inventory.  Communication is key;  I will work with you if informed of problems that hinder you meeting these requirements.


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