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Hello and welcome to STUFFEZES’ Textile Blog Page.  My name is Sabrina and STUFFEZES is my online shop, where I sell, as the company subtitle reads, “…Antiques, Collectibles, Curios, & Cool Cr__”.  In time I will introduce some of my own crafts to the inventory as well.  But this blog isn’t really about me or my shop.

With that being said, this blog page is intended to provide an exchange of ideas, tips, questions, etc related to any aspect of textiles.  Now, I, myself, have not spent time in this craft but find much of it interesting and have a large number of design ideas that I have jotted down for many years.  One day, I hope to see them realized.

Although, I have no experience in this craft, I will make attempts to find answers for questions that are posted.  Or better yet another user may be able to answer quicker and with personal knowledge.  What I have to provide is a large quantity of vintage sewing crafts magazines.  These magazines each have numerous interesting projects and information.  Of course they will be talking “old school” methods, which I adore but I am sure readers with experience will easily be able to adapt them to new equipment and techniques.

What this page is not for is the sale of items.  I and other users would love to see finished products and hear about the experience but I will provide a separate page for promoting related items for sale; let’s keep this an information and ideas page.  When I have the page for selling I will post notice on this page.

I hope I can provide an interesting spot where crafters choose to seek and exchange patterns, knowledge and more.  In this regard, please, share and exchange patterns, information, comments, question, and finished products freely. Keep in mind there will be a separate page for promoting and selling finished goods.  Also, if you find any wrong information or have suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them being posted as well.

-peace,    Sabrina

STUFFEZES shop on Etsy:   https://www.etsy.com/shop/STUFFEZES

STUFFEZES on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/stuffezes2