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I found this vintage article entitled It is from a 1970’s edition of The Workbasket . I have time to time used many old remedies and techniques to attend beauty, cooking, household, and yard care. I have found many to be quite useful but many ingredients are no longer available to the public or are outlawed. From what I saw the ingredients for these recipes are still quite available today.

06-1950's cheese recipes

I cannot remember following an old recipe where the outcome was not “good enough” to eat.  I haven’t, myself, tried any of these yet but intend to try the Cheese Crunchers first.  I will report what I learn, any problems, and how it tastes. 

Any of you out there who try one of these recipes, I would really like to hear from you about your experience.  I love to cook and sharing such information is so much fun; the exchanging and changing of recipes, settings, etc.