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This vintage crochet project will not require much in materials nor time.  Although, I am not sure how many people will wear the hat barrettes now days but I think they are pretty darn cute.

from April-May 1988 Annie's Pattern Club project

from April-May 1988 Annie’s Pattern Club project

As I continued thinking about, “Will any one wear these now days”, I thought if initially presented to a large group of young girls, the odds of one being receptive would increase.  And as we know, if one entertains the idea most likely a couple more will give thought to the possibility.

So maybe present them at a Girl Scout meeting or as a thank you gift for attending daughters party/sleepover.  The same may be true for group presenting to the mothers.  You would at least get some feedback from the mothers.

I think they are cute; reminiscent to “easier” times, more elegant days.  The hats do not have to go on barrettes.  They would make nice magnets, etc.  One could even do a size that a ring box lid could be secured under the hat, put lid back on ring box; making it gift presentation  

Anyway, here are the instructions; have fun and let us know how it went or more importantly did you find people wanting to wear them.

**may need to magnify next photo to read the instructions more easily*** If still not able to clearly read the instructions, let me know and I can email them to you.

April-May 1988 Annie's Pattern Club magazine

April-May 1988 Annie’s Pattern Club magazine