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This is a writing I just began and finished last night.  I am not sure it has a catefory of writing .  It doesn’t rhyme at this point. I cannot say that this is a finished product.  I may even decide to rhyme it of form it down the road.

Cant really expect many to even catch what it is about.  I would be interested in hearing plenty of critics.  that’s fine with me.  I may or may not agree.

Here it is   -peace


It begins after this


Spiral, spiral in the sky

But where does thines’ math and number three ‘come one

Ney, ney, ney, I prefer, request if I may

Your dancing delight

Gently spinning; flowing and curved

Oh yes there spirals my mind returnsy

But once on math and nature

Are you what’s to be their escalator

Escalator to the Moon I heard

Ya’ know, each time, pleasant, the time we spend

To lay back and ponder; you, ya’ll, them

Spiral my dear friend,

If you think

If this is to be any way the nature thy intend

Oh yes my dear friend Spiral

Could be fear, for humans may be coming

I think you should run.