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A couple of weeks back some individual came around asking if I had signed the No Smoking petition.  I answered, no to which his response was, do you want to?  My response: no.  His: you don’t …. others health….  Me:  No, I don’t believe I will tell another person what to do and that I had never seen the market smoky.  Therefore did not believe it necessary at this time.

Well, next week a couple of market authorities came by with a petition and I did not sign.  So, on this weekend we were told that as of next week the market was a non smoking market.  That was this weekend and I sure noticed nothing different; no body jumping for joy and feeling healthier, no body bitching and trying to sneak a smoke.  Just more law and people in other people’s business.

I have smoked and I have not smoked but I have not told others that they should, shouldn’t; can, cannot; ‘ought to, ‘ought not to do such things.  I am not standing up for smoking, I am standing up for people attending their own problems before making more problems for another individual.  I realize this is an argument that probably requires more philosophy than most will or can understand.

The post is simply a report from the flea market.  SO TO LET THE PUBLIC KNOW THE KYLE FLEA MARKET IS NOW NON SMOKING.