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STUFFEZES at Kyle Flea Market, Kyle Texas

STUFFEZES at Kyle Flea Market, Kyle Texas

I’m late on reporting this tidbit of interesting. While at the market on this Saturday, I was told I missed an interesting event.

It seems one of our outside vendors had a problem with one of the markets authorities. I am told this is what was seen: the markets authority came running in the front door and down a hall with a larger lady running after her.

Seems something did not go very well and it seems it upset the larger lady. I did not hear any more or an out come. This happened in the middle of the market or more to the south side, whereas I am located near the north end.

Although, this is an event most of us can imagine, having seen a similar event at some time in our life.

I feel I am safe to say that both ladies are probably still alive and hopefully the situation is either resolved or put behind them.

It is also one of those cartoon scenes that have brought laughter to us. I say this because I do not believe there was any physical altercation involved.