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STUFFEZES shop front -Kyle Flea Market



Hello again, I apologize for being away so long. Honestly, I am not the most handy person with a computer and have been trying to figure out a few things.

Anyway, Booth 12 News…

My next door neighbor has been practicing with a band and seems to be enjoying it. He has also had a few jobs to do other than the flea market, so I see him on Sundays only, it seems. He’s good people. He also has been bringing out a variety of items to sell at his booth; whereas it had been predominantly music oriented items. Now he has furniture, etc.

My across the hall neighbor was predominantly furniture in this booth but has expanded to an outside booth too. So when in full force, he and his wife, together, work an inside booth, an outside booth, and an outside table. whew. They are good people, too.

I had a neighbor come into the booth on the other side of me, then she transferred across and up the hall. Now she is gone; has a part-time job.

The flea market is un-handily having three people running the show. Too many chiefs. And some one is coming into my booth when market is closed. I have seen the evidence but will not state, in case by chance they read this blog. I shall not sway but why give notice of the evidence I find. Something about “give them enough rope…”.

For over a month, I have been looking for the bottom to a lid that has been in my booth. I haven’t seen it since; not at home nor in shop. I believe that was probably broke. As far as any thing else missing, I can’t say I would know exactly what it is, but I do now have a very curious empty spot. Shit is soon to come down.

It’s hell when you pay a business for a spot to keep your inventory in and sell out of and you have to closely photograph the entire shop just to make sure sticky fingers and bad character haven’t been in while you were not allowed to be there. I’d be there 12/7 if I could.

Despite that, I have been improving my little booth. I had the vast area up high that I wanted to utilize and have found what can be done with it. There are large poles going horizontal and vertical which two exterior doors had been laid horizontally across like shelving. Well, I raise them to the next level vertically and strung Christmas lights and rope back and forth from front pole to back pole. Now I am able to display clothing up there and out of the way.

In order to reach the clothes, my friend, Tigger made me “getter”. Its a thin piece of wood that he put a rubber handle on one end and cut a notch out of the other end. I rest the clothes hanger in the notch, lift up over the wire and rope and lower the “getter”.

This Saturday, I won’t be at the shop very long because a friend of mine, Roge and I are going down near San Antonio to watch simulcast of the last of the Triple Crown horse races. Yes, the Belmont Stakes is this Saturday and we have a potential Triple Crown winner in the midst, American Pharhao.

But I’ll take photographs of the shop this weekend and post them. Well it appears I’ll be taking photographs Saturday and Sunday of each and every week since something with an attempt at intelligence seems to like my spot.

So check in again and see if any one lost their job, if I pack up, or if life for all go on at this flea market.