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It’s been a very long time since I’ve contributed here; had to step aside for a while and computer went on vacation (down and then to shop).   I had gotten so far behind and compounded with my lack of knowledge in creating this site, I concentrated elsewhere.

But I am back and ready to give it some effort so i will be making attempts to get my site functioning better; it will take some time.  Anyway…

Booth12 news is that it got sooooo hot inside the flea market that I decided to pack it up until it cools down some.  I will, on occasion, be selling outside of the Kyle Flea Market and will give notice for any interested.

Before I packed up, I rented shop space in a vintage/antique shop in Kyle, Tx; Kyle Antique Mall.  I have a small spot for now.  Here are a few photos.  These were taken just for my memory of what was there, so they are very good.

But a friend of mine may help me get a storefront.  This would be a test drive.  If I can’t show progress within probably 4 to 5 months I would not want him to keep putting money into it.  There is so much more freedom like that.  For instance I could be open 7 days a week if I wanted.

If this happens i have intentions of selling different flavors of teas and coffee as well.  And on occasion have artist demonstrations, etc.  I hope I get that chance.

So anyway Kyle Antique Mall is open Thurs. thru Sun.  11-6:30pm and is located at…  (could not find its street address, I just drive there; don’t know street or number.  Another reason to have own storefront) I will find it somehow.

If ever out and about that way stop in and see the cool stuff.  The inventory is made up of several people who have areas to display so the items represent many tastes and personalities.

best of day to ya’