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Introducing a great New Line to my Inventory

New and occassional lint of paintings done by Mary Wyatt.  Mary started painting back in the good ol’ ’70’s;  early, if I remember correctly.  She began taking china painting classes with a woman in Goliad Texas.  I cannot remember the ladies name but will for sure find out and inform; as she deserves note.  Back then she was a housewife and mother of two younger children.  One of them being myself.  Mary Wyatt is my mother and at the times I speak of, our vegetables were grown, the entire pie was homemade, the biscuits and dumplings were homemade, the bread…,;  even my clothing and my doll’s clothing….pickles…

But she had time to proceed with her learning and, I recall seeing nice work, I feel, immediately.  Of course I was under eight years of age at this time.  So, although doing quality work, she never really attempted sales of the pieces.  I do remember one time they had a big sale at one of the old missions there in Goliad.  I cannot remember if any sold; if so must have been minimal.  And this was not a measure of quality event, for it was just local; which back then would only be largest portion of what was consider Goliad (in Texas, especially back then we’re spaced out- that’s kind of funny said like that)

Anyway and onward, Mary got divorced in those 1970’s and had the children with her.  Needless to say, the art went on hold.  Then the eyes went on hold.  And I think she had a hard time with the eyes going.  It would be many years after that when Mary takes back up.  But she has and a new format.  As of lately, most of her work has been oil on canvas.

Oil on canvas-Mary Wyatt

Since returning to painting, I know she has saught guidance from another local artist in Luling but do not have his name.  His name, too, will be mentioned and given credit in a future post.  Both of her sisters paint and create, as well; all are pretty good but don’t really sale.

This is not her first of her new format. I have more I will post as I go and as I receive them.  I am not sure of her current production rate and or interest rate; can’t let ’em burn out, ya’ know.  I have seen that her interests, as with the china painting, have a natural and/or human subject (ie. plants, flowers, animals, and people), she has reproduced several old master portraits (loves it), and so far all works have been by looking at an example.

So one idea my mother and I have been considering is to offer portrait service.  Since she does go by another visual, customers could request portraits of themselves, family, pet; etc if she can view an original of the image.  So, if we get into that, my suggestion to her was to require seeing original image and some time to consider before stating an expected deadline and/or expected price.  I do not want her to get rushed, for she does not do well with such.  On the hand, I am a reasonable person and she will hear that as well.

The other idea, of course, is to list for sale works she does of free will.  I currently have two that are ready and that I am willing to part with.  But, in reality, this new line won’t debut until after the New Year or for New Years Day.

So I hope you have enjoyed seeing this artists work.  If you have any comments or advice, please leave a comment. Considerate suggestions and Inspiration are always helpful and welcomed.  This is true for both, artist and writer, myself.

Thank you for your time.