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I have always had more than one animal in my life and could not see me any other way.  So I have had many come and many go.  And in this time have observed so so much.  If you are a pet owner and have not realized it is a mutual training situation, then you have missed out.

Spent time with them collectively and singularly.  I have found that each animal has at least two personalities; one in group and one when interacted with by themselves.  Most importantly to me, is the reactions of an animated being without jealousies and selfish agendas.


Sure we all to some degree possess these two characteristics BUT  is that where the reaction should be processed?  Will this state of thought ever produce the best decision?  Because for many years now this state seems to be where most Americans decide their reaction.  Stranger yet, is that although they consciously or subconsciously made their decision in this state, many further decide not to react at that moment but thought process stops leaving that decision their last decision and then act on it later.  

Usually spending time after “stewing” on it but not further processing the situation.  And later they react on the impulsive decision.

I also have two dogs but fear not, I have three acres in the country.  They have plenty of room and plenty of love.