I am looking for any information one may have about any of the pieces displayed below.  If any one can pin down the artist and lead me to the proof, I will extend a 10% discount on any item I have for sale.  My shop name is STUFFEZES and is on Etsy.  But what is listed is merely a small fraction of what I have to sell.  I would allow said person to view complete inventory photos before choosing the item for discount.

Anyway, any info you want to share would be greatly appreciated.  OR MAY BE BETTER YET, if people would suggest good sites for such research.  I have very little luck researching some of my pieces and my books are mostly outdated and to buy new ones is not possible for now.

If nothing else enjoy the variety of items displayed; may be something will remind you, inspire you, or please you to see.  Any form of comments is fine, I don’t mind small talk too.