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Is it love or torture?    Do they let them or are they so disgusted they just let it?  Personally, I think they are focused on that “my fun comes later” plan;  thinking, “yea, go ahead, enjoy your ** self – laugh it up, make sure every one sees”…..”my fun comes later”

These photographs are from a postcard book entitle Famous Painted Cats.  Some of them are really good.  This is not  to say that I agree or disagree with painting a cat; even professionally. BUT FOR SURE NOT AT HOME – okay folks.

But some of the artwork is great and some just funny;   that’s level in which I enjoy the images.  I hope some of you will too.  I will add more soon;  I believe there are about 20 to 22 of these in the book.  When I photograph the next few I hope to make a scenario that will not create so much glare off the shiny book cover.


best wishes         -peace

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-from Famous Painted Cats, Heather Busch & Burton Silver, Ten Speed Press, 2004, ISBN: 1-58008-643-8


This will be the second round and a good round;  three more for your delight……









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