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I love applying different aspects to my photographs; just for fun really.  Although, I must say, I do not seek the time to do so.  No, I am usually working on inventory photographs or hiking fun, and an image will strike me with some / whatever quality that turns on my curiosity to, “what else can I do with that” or “wonder how many different good images I can create from within this one image.  And then, I’m off on my distraction and when I get back to my project, it will be hours later; oops.  Though on occasion, I do stop myself from following that tangent.

 Its kind of like that game whereyou try to spell as many words as you can using the letters of some other word.  Yet having said all the above, I was not talking about selling “good”;  I didn’t put that kind of time into them.  That’s not to say one or two would look cool printed;  just because it’s fun.  

So, I’ll get the “true light” version of these X Games photographs and more up within two weeks.  For now try them in a different light.




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