Four kids stow away  for an adventure, tucked down between freight crates and each with a packed lunch.  Smiling at eachother, feeling the coastal breeze and nervously taking in the ocean air, when suddenly there’s movement.

Their adventure had begun.  They braced their backs against the crates with their feet against another, swaying back and forth with waves of the great big water.  They dared not to stand and take in the scenery; mostly aftaid of being caught.  All had seemed to handle the motion without sickness; so far.

But after some time in, the waves began to toss them, their feet more firmly against the crates now. They now  found themselves pressing the palms of their hands to the deck as firmly as they could;  rolling back and forth and back and forth.  One kid thought that’s it I’m getting sick;  then the next and another.

The oldest kid  was positioned near the end of the crate where he could be look out.  And he had been watching the crews movement.  While doing so, he realized the doorway to inside the ship was just behind them.  One by one, the four of them scurried in the doorway to meet the others and quietly they roamed the hall.  Some one was coming, so they tucked into a hallway door, where they found themselves inside a small room with a round window, a priesthole.

The waves getting bigger and the winds stronger; they now wondered what their families were doing.  Wondering will they miss them?  Will they be home for supper or breakfast?  Finally, each kid mustered up enough stability and courage to stand and look out the priesthole to see their fate.

And were so relieved that……



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And the person coming down the hallway, was, thank goodness, just John’s mom with bottled water to go with the lunches;  swhew!

But what’s that?….  Is that a tiger coming?  There where the grass is separating….