-a night of great music, crazy theatrics, and tributes to a few of his recently deceased musician friends


I love some Alice Cooper and this August my friend Roger and I got to see him live.  We had third row, not quite center; damn good seats.  The concert was in a small venue, Moody Theater, and this made the seats great.  Although third row, it was like first row in most venues.  And not quite center is good because usually center puts you a little further away.  This is because a lot of venues have seating arranged in a semi circle;  Moody Theater has a linear layout.

Some may not know that Alice Cooper has a theatrical show; it’s not just musicians playing on stage.  There are even extra people; people who do not play an instrument in the show.  This year acts included a huge scary man, Alice coming out of a box with a straight jacket on, a wicked nurse who attacks Alice with a huge syringe, a blow up doll who’s all torn down, Alice in the electric chair, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump fighting and then kissing, and three headstones for Keith Moon, David Bowie, and Lemmy of Motorhead;  musician friends who have passed.

I enjoyed every one of them.  Although, the acts depict some of the uglier aspects of life, there was no “glorification” or “candy-coating” of the issues.  So, I haven’t a problem one with the theatrics.

He has a female guitar player,.  I don’t know her name but she was pretty rocking.  She had a solo in which she decided to play one of Eddie Van Halen’s old-school  solos and did it quite well.   I can hear almost all of it in my head.  It’s from a very early Van Halen album and if you know Van Halen, it’s probably running through your head right now.  It’s the one that start off high and fast and I believe it ends with a “mwhooowh” of the whammy bar.  Oh, it just escapes me but she did well.

But I admit that I have a major stress when going to see musicians / bands that have been around a long time because I can almost have a panic attack wondering which of the hundreds of songs are they going to play.   If I were rich, I would pay for my own concert and choose the songs I want to hear them play.  And since the expense is basically for me, I would let the public buy tickets at a very reasonable price; not looking for a profit but willing to share.  Now I’m trying to sense how that might feel;   kicking back to watch a favorite band play knowing they are going to perform all of your fav’s .   yea!!!  Shoot, I might not charge the public anything more than clean up

So having said that, they did play several of my Alice Cooper favorites but if no songs from the album From the Inside are played, then half of my favorites weren’t heard.  And my heart sunk when the show ended and not a one was played.  It’s not a commercially played album but it is great.  That album may have some of his deepest and best written songs.  The album is all about crazies*, in which he is one singing about the life within the mental institution.  My understanding is that Alice’s stay there was done with regard to alcoholism.

Some of the albums music is beautiful, the rest is just damn good.  And the lyrics are so great because, it seems, Bernie Taupin (former Elton John band member) was part of Alice’s band for this album.  Two other Elton John members were too;  it’s all making sense now.  Now that explains the difference in music too (see links at bottom of page).

But I thoroughly enjoyed myself; the music was good, the show was fun, the tributes…   Oh yeah, the tributes.  Along with the headstones on stage, he spoke briefly about his three friends and then the band played a David Bowie song and a Motorhead song;  very cool, very good.  We out here, the public may grieve deeply for any or all three of the men honored, but I cannot imagine his loss, having had such close relations with such interesting and mesmerizing individual and then not.  I can’t imagine the void that leaves.  Yet he rocks on…


It was a great time.  I am so thankful I was able to see him live and I am so so glad he is still playing live and that he is here to do so.

Love it; love you Alice and thank you so much Roger for providing the means and the photographs.


peace out



re the former Elton John band members





*re “crazies”, from my mouth is an affectionate term; no offense / no demeaning.  It a whole lot less dreadful and cold than mentally challenged, mentally handicapped, etc.   And since it comes from my head and mouth I can assure you my intentions and sentiments are with goodwill.