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When your not sure what to give a person or your wanting to give a special unique gift, look for Treasures Cove.  If you are wanting something exciting for your own home;  new or vintage, Treasures Cove is a good place to begin your search.

Treasures Cove is a growing group of online sellers who have banded together with the goal of promoting a wide variety of goods.  We work together to promote because we want shoppers to be able to find unique and beautiful goods of quality.

Many of the shops contributing to Treasures Cove are selling goods they, themselves, have created.  Other shops, such as STUFFEZES, my shop, are antique and vintage goods curators. For the DIY doers, you might even be able to ask craft related questions from an artist, if you visit that shops blog or social site.  If you choose to do this, consider the artists right to protect certain knowledge that is unique or directly related to them or their artwork.  General questions on the craft, supplies, suppliers, etc., I feel will be met graciously.  Also, remember that the reply is only that artists view at that time;  they cannot know everything.

And lastly, so I don’t put all the work upon the artists only;  The vintage shops contributing to Treasures Cove, I believe, will graciously reply to questions asked on their sites, as well.  Granted, for me, I may need a little time to get the answer to your question, but I will acknowledge the question as soon as possible.  Again, there are certain questions, like where and how goods are acquired and such, that are the sellers right to withhold.  Questions regarding eras, styles, materials, and such should be happily received.  And again, the reply given is that sellers knowledge at that time;  these sellers cannot know everything.

So, I hope you will check in to Treasures Cove’s many boards.  Each contributor has at least one board.  Most typically there are a couple on several platforms.  I, personally, know Treasures Cove boards can be found on Pinterest, Twitter, and Polyvore.  

I will soon be adding a page for Treasures Cove related information and goods.

my Pinterest board,  STUFFEZES’ Treasures Cove board

*photo credits:  RusticPelican, AnnaRecycles, TornPaper, SandalFelt, ChicAvantGarde, CanotShop, EarthsPalette, FamilyTreasures, LyuToys, PenandHook, Just3Js, JustforYouhm, Nastasy, STUFFEZES, TwoSadDonkeys