– NOW THIS IS SCARY and has been for 3 weeks



I was going to dread my hair for Halloween so I started that early.  Well I have a habit of pulling my hair up, putting ponytail holder around it, and then bringing the ponytail back through only half way, which leaves two folds of hair under the band.

BUT THEN I went a couple of hard working days without a full shower and found the band had become lost within my hair.  So I thought, I’ll sleep on this first.  Well trying and trying never seeing the band again, I have slowly worked on releasing my hair for the past 3 weeks. But it just works one direction and back to the other and forth; getting tighter and tighter.

I had a couple of people work on it for a little while but mostly me.  I didn’t think to photograph it until  2nd week in.  Here’s where we, my hair, the band, and I, today.  I wonder how long it will take because I am only willing to cut thin segments of my hair.  And hopefully long enough they can be layered in.  We shall see. …….BOOOO