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-vintage, handmade, and self designed creations;   DIY projects and supplies,  from all around the world

                      – Treasures Cove members

When your not sure what to give a person or your wanting to give a special unique gift, look for Treasures Cove.  If you are wanting something exciting for your own home;  new or vintage, Treasures Cove is a good place to begin your search.

Treasures Cove is a growing group of online sellers who have banded together with the goal of promoting a wide variety of goods.  We work together to promote because we want shoppers to be able to find unique and beautiful goods of quality.

Somewhere within all the holiday hustle, gear down just a bit, grab a comforting drink and browse through some of Treasures Cove many collections.  You can even find herbal medicines and beauty supplies.  Each member shop creates their own collections, so each one will have that personal touch.  Along with diversity of displays, there is a diversity of platforms these collections can be found including but not limited to Pinterest, Polyvore, Twitter, and Facebook.

Seriously, there are some fine shops with us;  producing some really talented pieces.  I cannot imagine one not seeing something they would like.  Hopefully we can assist people with the multitude of personalities being gifted this holiday season and anytime they choose to shop.

Below are links related to my various Treasures Cove collections, but please venture by those created by other members as well; another perspective is always enlightening.

thank you



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