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The shop names and the item photographs provide links to shop and items, respectively.  Feel free to venture into the shops;  you’re presence will be appreciated.

Glowblocks– United States

Glowblocks has utilized a long time favorite, glass blocks, in a fashion where you do not need a quantity of the blocks to use them in interior decorating.  Use to the attractive blocks seemed to provide impact only when multiples were used together.  But using them as low light lamps gives significance to each block.  They provide the ambience for low light situations and make great nightlights as well.


Bleuluciole– France

Bleuluciole creates fun, bright, and cheerful pieces of jewelry.  The fun designs, bright colors, and playfulness of designs are what I appreciate from this shop.  There is a lot of fun and love put into the jewelry; it’s obvious.  If one is looking for a”pick me up” for themselves or for some one they know, love, and wish the best for, this is a good shop to start with.


Over the Top Cake Topper – United States

Over the Top Cake Toppers has a sweet and fun sample of cake decorations for many occasions.  Many of the cake toppers provide longer usefulness by being a toy, while others will be kept as a tangible visual by which the memories are held.  Even if disposed of afterward, the decoration represents the importance of the event by the extra thought, effort, and monetary consideration others had willingly put into the event planning.


Canot Stop – Israel

The Canot Stop provides some wonderful watercolor paintings.  The paintings have realism that blends itself into impressionism.  This transition provides a great visual impact.  Paintings of cityscapes, landsccapes, nautical scenes, people posed, people in motion, wildlife, still life, and some abstract; they are all beautifully executed.  By sending a photo to the artist, you can arrange for a portrait of that photograph.


Whiskey Whims – United States

Whiskey Whims has a good and fairly large selection of wonderful vintage pieces.  Although, the pieces have already had a long life, they still maintain their integrity.  The selection is varied across eras, styles, and materials used to create them.  Vintage lovers should check out the shops collection.


Jewelry Please Shop – Russia

Handmade copper jewelry made in very unique forms and designs.  I have seen only a few of pieces that could say have any resemblance to mainstream jewelry.  I find Jewelry Please Shop putting some refreshingly creative designs.  For those who seek unusual forms, this a shop you should check out.

These are my Treasures Cove special feature shops for January 2017.  In a couple of weeks  I will add five more items from each shop.  Near beginning of February I will feature six different shops from the Treasures Cove group.





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