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  Today’s race winner, Tapwrit.                                    .


149th Belmont Stakes


Tapwrit raced in 2 of the 3 Triple Crown races;  placing 6th in the Kentucky Derby and winning today’s race, the Belmont Stakes by 2 lengths.  Second place went to Irish War Cry, which I, making a “Show Them” bet, bet to win and only to win;  loss.  Some experts were fairly sure he didn’t have it  or have it left in him.  Some one should back the horse, so I did.

Financially, this is far from the ideal method of betting, so I also throw in my attempts for “info-based” bets.  As one can easily calculate, I probably don’t make out huge winnings.  It would be hard to do seeing as the two methods I use are practically at odds with each other.  But philosophically, I will always have a soft spot for the “under-dog” and will even put my money on them.  When the big under-dog wins, the payout is a big-dog.


Having said that, my crazy betting rarely leaves me dry.  That’s not to say I come out equal or ahead, but even sitting at home costs money.  I’d say as an average, I recoup about a 2/3 of what I bet each season.  Of course you also have not heard me claim any knowledge of this sport.  I do enjoy taking part though.  My ability to enjoy horse racing is possible only because the sport has not been making news with animal abuse cases or many other abuses that can take place in professional animal sports.

On this race, the Belmont Stakes,  I bet a total of $33 on probably 7-8 bets and my winnings were $56.  So, today was not bad;  I will be able to $26 toward a debt.

I didn’t retain my betting info for this years Kentucky Derby or Preakness races because this blog post was not a thought until today.  Other than today’s race, my estimates come from the fact that if  I were “loosing my ass”, I wouldn’t be betting.  I do my “betting day” calculations, weigh them with past history, and then if the impression overall is bad, I would stop.  Now what each person considers bad is a personal evaluation.  With my crazy methods of picking I am sure to many my overall isn’t what they are looking for. 

The first time I bet, it was a live race at our local Retama Park.  My, at time, boyfriend borrowed $25 from his sister and we went to the track.  I don’t think I even knew anything other than bet to win.  I do know I placed a $2 bet and won $69.  We paid back sister and the rest would require a whole novel due to individual accompanying me.

And my best bet was a trifecta, picking  first three horses in exact order.  Thrilled, both me and my buddy (different buddy, long story too but pleasant).  We waited a few minutes before collecting.  It was at this time that the bet taking girl told me that I didn’t make that bet. Yeap, better yet she is who I placed, or thought I had placed, the bet with. 

I had told her that I wanted to place a trifecta bet and she started asking me “crap” I didn’t know.  It was additional options, I now know this.  But I know by the end I had told her trifecta and had given three horse numbers.  I got ? but I was not paid a trifecta.  Other bets may have paid off but not the “magic” one.  Since this, I typically try a trifecta.  As a matter of fact, I tried today.  We bet online today and guess what, it was my first bet and I guess I missed a “finish the bet” button because it did not show on my history.  I would not have won.

 For several yearsI have been betting on only the Triple Crown races and many of the locally live races.  But for next year and online, I think I will also pick a horse and bet on each race it runs.  For now, I will go on to bet on this years locally live racing at our local track, Retama Park.  If anything exciting happens with that, I will write about it.  Or if I need a release, you may hear from me too.

The other two races of the Triple Crown were won by:

Kentucky Derby  -Always Dreaming                                                                                                   ( notice only the leader isn’t filthy; that says something about this internet “follow” phenom; sorry)Horse Racing: 143rd Kentucky Derby

The Preakness Stakes  – Cloud Computing                                                                                  (now here the dirty horse “un-follows” to become the leader in time to be the winner.   again, my apology if my statement offends any one).PREAKNESS

PERSONAL BLAH BLAH CLOSING: Be kind to everything;  please just don’t be shitty, petty, or arrogant.  Life can be beautiful, please do not be the ugly in a life that is not your own.  And preferably  not in your own.



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