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Oh yes!! SPLENDID OUTFIT.  I would adore having this to wear.  The 60s and 70s abstract patterns, paisley, and vertical lines materials were never “out” to me…ever…forever flower child, I am.  No, the only reason I might not have been wearing them was they weren’t to be found.  Well, at that age, I was not going to happen upon them.  But when I did and I could, I would procure what I could. Todays materials with such looks, so far, have not impressed me.  There is a lot of “todays” materials that I have 0 interest in.  It’s all good to create new materials but this does not mean every thing needs to be made of it.  Nor does it have bearing on creditability of an older material.
Some day I will express my true disgust with and of stretch denim or whatever it is called this second.  Oh!
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