I have not been posting lately;  I got caught up in Harvey.  No, I did not receive any property loss and so far do not know of any friends loosing their life.  I did, however, receive huge amounts of rain and even our winds were blowing strong as some of our politicians spew their hot air.

But property damage may have been avoided because I spent a day picking up EVERYTHING in my front and back yard; any little decoration.  I  lost a window shutter and several roof tiles.  Oh yeah, a few of the drought victim trees fell over but I am on 3 acres, so luckily none were near house.  Mosquitos! Now that’s the menace I face.  Unless you have lived in a mosquito populated area that has been drowned, you cannot understand.  I am talking 2-3  on you at nearly all times.

Anyway, lately I have been reversing all that work and doing my best to attend mosquito attractions.  Also, helping a few friends with their Harvey situation;  a few had water damage etc.  My house did not flood because I am high on a hill.  What happens to me is quickly I am locked in to my area because there are low water areas all around me that do flood quite quickly

So anyway, some of the posts I will be making may go back a couple of weeks.  My apologies for being able to post in a more timely manner.  If some of the posts were for specific events that have past, I will not be posting them.  I am really sorry for not helping promote any of these event.

Also, while away, I bought a 5′ l X 3′ h glass counter display.  I am so excited but not sure why.  I do not have a store front right now but if I am not able to acquire one in next few months, I can always sell the display.  I surely look forward to a shop but Austin area is way outrageous for property rental.

Okay, well I am going to start posting and then check on some of my buddies who were in Irma’s path.  To any of you that were impacted by Irma, my thoughts are with you guys and may some grace have been granted you.