Marketing, Promoting, & Shopping – the Polyvore way

  Hi there!

If you are not familiar with,simply put, it is a site where you can create collage images from a variety of image sources.  One sources is produced by using the sites “clipper” ,which can capture many of the images on the web and add them to “your items” section of your account for use. You can, of course, use the clipper to add images from your sites into your Polyvore items, as well.  The site also has a search options that accesses any photo throughout the site that matches you search criteria.  Or any image that you heart will be collected to “your items” and is available for use.

The sets are active; by this I mean, when set is open and a cursor is slowly dragged across the image, each image used to create the set will have it’s own pop up with information and links to the source.  It’s a fun, creative, and useful method of promoting and selling.


So this blog will offer creative promoting sets;  promoting that is an assemblage of  product photos displayed with other images that add beauty, show examples of use, tell a story, provides alternatives to, and or shows personality. Some of these sets have images you can’t even see fully until the cursor comes across it; it’s like a “what’s hidden in this photo” game.

I will post other polyvore users sets, as well as my own;  adding more diversity to the mix.  Most of the time, on my own sets, I will write a little bit about the concept or what moved me to create that particular set.  Sometimes, I may write on another users set.  This would be probably what I like, what it made me think of, reminded me of, etc.

It’s shopping in a different, interesting, and fun way.