Booth 12 News

Life, commentary, and activity from a Flea Market

STUFFEZES shop front -Kyle Flea MarketFrom this page a person may experience the constant chatter, music wars, negotiations and hubbub or may experience the ticking sound of the minutes, the vendors hall checking, lack of chatter, and shops calling it an early day. 

Not to mention such places have a tendency to have some Payton Place issues.  There is sharing, complimenting, and customer referring but there is also the bad mouthing, space taking, and vendor clicks.

I personally enjoy the two direct neighbors of Booth 12, my shop.  I have a man named Richard on one side; he (love it) pretty much concentrates on music.  Having mostly albums, musical instruments, and music memorabilia.  He also has a “stash” booth, which is diagonally across the hall; securing that spot.

Now directly across the hall Bob and his wife (of which I need to get her name again) have a booth.  From that booth they focus on predominantly furniture and exercise equipment.  But have the lamps, art, and some other decor.

While mostly Bob works that booth, his wife is usually working an outside table selling the variables, smaller objects, and things that didn’t seem to move inside.  Only now, they have rented an outside enclosed booth;  I believe for storage.

And at this time, these are my only direct neighbors.  The other next door booth was rented to a guy selling western wear but it seems his real job changed his shift and it conflicted with the market schedule.  I wish I could afford renting it, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

I still fight to cover my booth rental, having purchased a large portion of my inventory for online sales, I paid higher than most items can without doubt command in price at a flea market.  So, I must remedy this some how, some day.

To do so, I put any profit that isn’t given to the gracious individual that has paid for most of my inventory (this is a potential page of its own), back into purchases from a spot I have that does allow me to price those items according to flea market prices.

That’s it for today, I have so much more to attempt.  Next blog for here will be about my dilemma of whether to open market store or not when weather is truly bad or when huge events or holidays occur.  This will lead into another market page I am going to call “The Human Weather Gauage”.  So, check back into the possibly not so exciting but possibly interestingly written Booth 12 News.





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