From the Front Porch to the Rocking Chair

                Welcome  to                                                                                                                                                         From the Porch to the Rocking Chair

A blog site where one can find vintage tips, information, patterns, and sewing and textile related DIY projects.  Read right from original published print media.  I have a large number of various vintage sewing or textile related publications like The Workbasket and Annie’s Pattern Club.  Off the top of my head I’d say the oldest may be 1954 and the most recent may be 1988.

My idea is to present the information as photographs of the actual pages of publication.  This will add credibility and allow for the layout originally chosen to fall as intended;  photographs by text etc.  But the drawback to this presentation is potential glare and shadowing near spine.

I will do the best I can to provide as legible photos as I can.  Although, I make note to the fact that it may be necessary at times to magnify the screen.  And those of us with some age, may find it necessary each time.  It will very on many things related to the original publishing.  But I hope keeping it original may have a little of its own nostalgia.

If there is ever anything that just can’t be seen clearly enough, even with zoom, email me and we’ll resolve the issue.

So, the sections for this blog will be Tips & Advice, Information & Knowledge, DIY Projects & Patterns, and, I hope, User Finished Products. 

All will be from the vintage publication, except, of course, the finished products.  User’s who share their finished products are welcome to note whether it is for sale, etc.


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