I’ve Got Etsy On My Mind,…..

What is it?  How’d they use it?  Wow, that’s cool  How’d they make that?                    

    – it’s not the answer, just the catalyst.



Etsy has retired treasuries, so there will not be any new ones added to this page.  Although, I will soon have team page here.  For now, those interested in seeing what new creations are being made, check in at my Polyvore profile:    Stuffezes profile or check out my Pinterest collections.


If you’re looking for a variety of varieties, you’re likely to enjoy this blog.  It’s eclectic in all ways….All ways except for one….

All of the pieces can be viewed or purchased on Etsy.com.  And, yes, I do have a shop on Etsy, it’s called STUFFEZES.  I sell antiques, collectibles, curios, & cool c_ _ p (sorry, that’s my slogan).

Etsy is an ecommerce site on which items offered for sale are strictly vintage or older in age, handmade or self conceived by a person directly related to the shop, or are craft supplies.  I believe, originally, some of this was conceived in order to hinder the Big Guys of Mass production from “taking over” their site and provide a little haven for individual artisans and craftsmen to productively make more creative and better constructed items available to a larger audience than these shops normally have access to.

Although the shop owners have access to potential huge audience, that’s just means the people do exist therefore, technically, each presents a possible connection.  The trick is unless you are brought to their attention in some way, you may have exactly what they need, if unaware of each other.  So many aspects of Etsy on my Mind will be related to promotional efforts.  BUT I PROMISE NO HARD SELLING NOR SPAMMING TYPE ACTIVITY.

Since Etsy’s retirement of the Treasury boards Etsy shops are doing much of their promoting in “teams”. Treasuries a promotional tool used to promote items from multiple shops, together, on one post.  Teams are promoting through threads (games) which are geared where each member “playing’ the thread is helping to promote all shops “playing” that day. These threads include activity on many social and other content platforms.

 Etsy on my Mind will also accommodate exchanges of craft and shop information,  possible DIY projects, events attended, and new lines coming in future.

Etsy on my Mind -options

Etsy Treasuries – compilation of most of the treasuries I put together while they were live.  Most incorporate items that have a shared aspect or theme and are displayed as links.

Anyway, so what I will be doing here is posting my Etsy Treasuries .  There may, time to time, be some dialog; but mostly it will be photographs of vintage or older and hand made items; any age, any genre, all techniques, any country/culture, as many mediums as I can see, etc.  I love learning and I love craftsmanship, paired with a sense of humor but love deep thought.  This will all be within the postings.

Hope a few of you will enjoy it, learn or see something new, or something old from childhood; just hope it will can be enjoyed.


Holiday Season 2016


Throughout Time- eclectic ensemble 1

Fall Migration, Hibernation, and Preparation

Couldn’t Be Done Without An Opposable Thumb

Riding My Gypsy Spirit

Etsy Trends – so much beauty

September Shopping

the Red corvette in the Purple rain

Eclectic Ensemble

It’s Like Wearing Your Boyfriends Button Up

A Lion in the Forest?

Shopping List – gray silver; pink purple

The Forest

The Night’s Will Be Getting Longer; it won’t be long

Shopping List – Pink and Orange

Shopping List – Black and Copper

Drift Away

Wonderful Creations

Creative Time

Black Beauty

……and For the Men …….

Spring’s and Summer’s Pink’s and Gold’s

Spring’s and Summer’s Blues and Oranges

Spring’s and Summer’s Yellow’s and Green’s

The Liquid Blue Mirror

Cornered by Color

Are You Looking For Me

Great Beads 1

Bold, Unique, and Free Spirited

Sweet Sensations

Craftsmanship and Artistry Noted – June finds

Craftsmanship and Artistry Noted – June finds

Where the Fairies Play – June finds

Wednesday Afternoon – June finds

Vintage Sound

Juicy Fruit

To you Papa – gifts I’d love to give for Father’s Day

Shopping List – purple and gray 

Shopping List – expressing the blues

Wood Eye/Would I

Shopping List – Books for the Novice Collector

soon to be listed at:   STUFFEZES on Etsy

Derby – ing 2016; Kentucky Derby Churchill Downs

Heaven & Earth

On the Porch with the Big Dogs; non traditional graduation gifts

The Storybook Life

Appreciation Treasury

WP- Etsy on my mind inventory

Under the Wing – Mother & Child Reunion

Shopping List – pastels & gold

Shopping List – tan & taupe


Creative Example

newly acquired; to be listed                                     March 27,2016

I See Nice Things In Your Future

Shopping List – turquoise

Shopping List – tangerine

Shopping List – yellow

Romancing the Beach

STUFFEZES recent listings on Etsy      go to shop

recent listings

Hearts and Roses; Hugs and Kisses

Creations of Love; Gifts With Love

Light Hearted Sunday Morning

To Ziggy Stardust: R I P David Bowie-Monsters Do Scare Me

Mellow Yellow

 newly listed items Feb 6, 2016     shop STUFFEZES


Anything For You

The Night before Christmas

Put on Your Winter Coat

Santa Will be Loading Up Soon

The Color Escapes Me

wp-Etsy on my mind

Green, Is My Thing

Cold Winter’s Dream

Reduced For the Holidays

Morning Calls

The Autumn Harvest                                                                                                                       (more below)


GREAT GIFT can be found at STUFFEZES on Etsy

Home, 4, Christmas

Doily’ve Me Alone

Thirsty Thursday

My Saturday Crawl

Guided By the Light                                                                                                                        (more below)


GREAT GIFTS can be found at STUFFEZES on Etsy

Ornately Grand & Some Side Kick

Subtle Beauty in White

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Similar Shapes

Rockin’                                                                                                                                                (more below)

on Etsy



From Daddy’s Little Girl – How I See & Love My Father prt2

As I See & Love My Father prt1

Now That’s A Dress

We, Women                                                                                                                                       (more below)



Wood Eye

Simply Superb

This is Me



Japanese teapot & sugar bowl


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