-“…let there be light; and there was light …”   AC/DC, Bon Scott

Often I my need to create is such that it must be done.  Although my life does not permit me the time, I do it anyway because I simply just have to.  So what has become the norm or my compromise, is that I will not allow myself to go out of my way to be comfortable while indulging myself with this time.  Nor will I afford myself the time to seek more appropriate tools, etc.  But you can bet that something around the house or yard has caught my eye or already developed into a possibility.  And this is why I end up with cardboard butterflies adorned with dried flowers and some paint, painting on the thin cardboard that comes between my cans of wet cat food, drawings on paper bags or lamp shades, or metal sculptures that are arranged but not attached.

My thoughts on the productivity or usefulness of this method changes back and forth.  At this moment, I am close to calling it “not”.  That won’t change much any time soon because if you have more to do than you can possibly do or afford to do, you will always have something more “important” that you should be doing and I don’t see a major financial improvement in near future.  Yet, at some point my need to create and I will be standing uncomfortably somewhere making a sculpture out of leaves or something made of cheap and available.  You see, this craze called DIY was never new to me.  For years prior, I had been doing what I called “what ‘cha got construction”.  Included with that would be this “upcycle” idea; both are utilized in the poor girl technique of mine, called
“what ‘cha got construction”.  But it’s good more people are doing this because it should help clean up or reduce waste building up or being put inside our Mother Earth and beyond.

So this page will display some of photographic “dinkin'” done in my “
need to create” tangents.  Hope you will enjoy some of it.

I call this session, Big Brown and his Fair Maiden  (**click on photos for full image)

January 12,2017- Well this came out of me today.  Suppose it’s repressed frustration from wanting to share more for people to enjoy but not for every body to claim.  I think I will call it “Today”.




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