Sometimes When I think…

Sometimes when I think…   I am not sure exactly what all this page may carry in time.  For this moment, I will have section for my poem-type writings (? Poem ? Not Poem), a section where I just express what’s been through my thoughts(Mind to Paper), and a section to release my philosophical frustrations and dismay about the insanities and attitudes in the world (Rantings & “How dare you’s”), 


flat leaf cactus ' white flower

I say “poem-type” because I am not sure they will all come to be written in any traditional or accepted formnor rhyme.  Does the term “poetically written” mean to most that a piece is written in a poem form and rhymes accordingly?  May be it’s more philosophical thought written artsy-fartsy.  Possibly they are just “out there”.

Mind to paper is something I do on paper daily but will try to share fairly often.  They will possibly show up in multiples at a time.  My little mind never gives itself much of a rest.  I’ve been writing thoughts since before teenage years; some of which, now, surprise me with their depth.  That may be why I felt different from others my age and tended to hang with older people, if with any.

And eventually there is likely to be a page entitled “Rantings and How Dare You” and this will have posts related to every day insanities within American population  and the bratty, hard-headed stranglehold currently practiced and the many insanities that have been made law lately.  Plus some that deal with world events and attitudes; as I see them, ofcourse.  I do my best to state my writing in a fashion that does not present to be THE TRUTH, just my processed thought.

And of course, the public Is welcome to share, comment, repost, etc.  That’s what this is all about; my sharing and your responses.  But I do not want condescending replies to any users comments, no name calling, duress, or simple opinions.  Opinions, to me, are without research or thought.  If you disagree with something, please state it, but back it up with some research or logic.  Please and thank you.

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