Items displayed below are for sale from STUFFEZES and represents pieces from various ages:  antique, vintage, and modern.  Many of these items  are not yet listed on a purchase site but may be purchased by emailing a purchase request.  A purchase request will prioritize that items listing.  Most requested items will be listed on a purchase site witin48 hrs.  For more information about purchase requests go to Making a Purchase Request.   STUFFEZES currently sells on Etsy and Ebay on occasion.

Comments and questions are welcomed and encouraged.  Comments may be made on inventory page or emailed.  Questions and Purchase Request need to be emailed to

I do have multiple photos of each item but are not yet linked.  Until I have the other photos linked, interested viewers can, again, email me for where other photos can be viewed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         If local to Austin Texas and would like to arrange a pick up instead of paying a shipping fee, this can be arranged.  For more information about this go to      Appointment for Local Pick Up.

**************************************************************Click on a photo for more information.  View inventory at full screen if there is a link under photo, you can click on link to go to the listing.  If the item is not listed yet there will be a description of the item under the photo..




To see what is already listed on Etsy go to:    STUFFEZES on Etsy

Thank you for viewing and for your time,



Inventory Links:

Barware                Books, Historical Papers, & Music            Clothing, Accessories, & Grooming        Collectibles & Miscellaneous        Craft Supplies       Home Decor & Furnishing         Jewelry              Kitchen & Dinner Wares      Serving & Table Wares       Toys & Games        Wall Art

Other Links:

Making a Purchase Request         Blog Roll


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