Making a Purchase Request

When clicking on photo of an item, if you are not taken to that items listing, then the item has not yet been listed on a purchase site.  That is not a problem.

If an item you are interested in does not link to a listing, you will need to submit a purchase request.  This will prioritize that items listing and I will have it listed on a purchase site within 48 hrs.

A purchase request should include a brief description of the item, its catalog number (if found), nature of inquiry, return email address, and any specifics related to purchase.

By “any specifics related”, I mean deadlines for delivery, delivery to address different than purchaser, special packaging or other shipping details, add personal note (you say, I write), gift wrapping,etc.

Once requested items are listed, I will email notice of the listing, which purchase site, and how to find the listing.  Currently, STUFFEZES, sells on Etsy and Ebay only.  Etsy items must be of vintage age or older or hand made, so any items that do not fit that criteria are sold on Ebay.

I do not have an Ebay store so I will be emailing a listing number to you or you can go to items catalog page and click on the photo.  At this time, there should be a link to its listing.

If ever there are any problems with this or you should have question, email me at


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