STUFFEZES Inventory – Glass

Items displayed are for sale from STUFFEZES and represent items of various ages:  antiques, vintage, modern.  If this information is known it will be stated in the items listing. Most of these items are not yet listed on a purchase site but can be purchased by emailing a purchase request.  For more information on purchase requests see, Making a Purchase Request.  Any questions, comments, or to make a purchase request email me at:

I do have multiple photos of each item but do not have them linked yet.  Until I have the other photos linked, interested viewers may, again, email me for where other photos may be viewed.

Inventory can also be viewed by its purpose rather than by its material make up.  See side menu for those categories.

Currently, my shop is on Etsy and I sell on Ebay on occasion.  To view items already listed on Etsy go to, STUFFEZES on Etsy.

Thank you for viewing and for your time.


–click on photo to enlarge image–


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