Through the Winds of Time Vintage and Older Published Recipes


1940’s illustration by Captain Geoffrey Spaulding

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Welcome; hope to see you often!

This STUFFEZES page will compile any variety of published recipes from 1980 and earlier.  I will do my best to remember to photograph the publishing proof for each recipe.  The recipes themselves will be displayed as photographs of the actual articles.  Being said, one may need to magnify the photo while reading it.

For now, users may copy and print the articles displayed without log in or payment.  In the future, once there is an archival of articles, this information may require a subscription or registration.  So now is the time to look over and copy what interests

you. I think recipe trading is so much fun.  Sharing and changing and feedback, etc.  One who loves to cook is always excited when they find a better way, better ingredient, or just as good variation.  I look forward to exchanging such with those of you out there who look for something different to eat and share with people we care about and want to please.

With your help and contributions this page might bring many people a closer or happier family, make family dinners somewhere one might want to be and something to talk about, bring about a new interest for another person you know.


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